Come Back Evening: Wednesday May 1
How could high school have helped me?

Leadership Conferences: Fridays May 3 and May 24


You are finished high school and are preparing yourself for a career. This preparation takes study, reading, and personal development. That is necessary and that is part of the preparation for your life of service to God. Now where do you learn how to integrate what you learn in to that life of service? Where do you learn how to be a godly engineer, technician, business person, politician, journalist, or lawyer. How can you serve as a godly husband or wife, an effective elder or deacon, school board or mission board member?
The Reformed Bible College helps you by developing a good understanding of the Bible and the reality of Christ’s sovereignty in all areas of life. Scriptures is studied at the post secondary level with the express intent of training students to better know and integrate God’s Word into their whole life.