Reformed Bible College

The Reformed Bible College


In a world characterized by increasing pressures from secularism, modified Christianity, and other religions it is prudent for members of Christ’s church to educate themselves so they can stand for and defend correct belief, doctrine, and lifestyle in the face of challenges encountered at college/university and in their careers. The Reformed Bible College offers various courses in support of that purpose.


The college is based on and committed to the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) as the Word of God.

This Word is:

  • Inspired by God the Holy Spirit,
  • Infallible and inerrant, that is, completely reliable and trustworthy, without contradiction or misrepresentation
  • Sufficient, revealing all that we need to believe to function in God’s world and in order to be saved.

This Word is the final rule of faith and life, and functions as the basis for all authority. As accurate summaries of God’s Word the Reformed Bible College recognizes the ecumenical creeds of Christendom (the Nicene, Apostles’, and Athanasian Creeds) and the Reformation creeds of the Dutch Reformed tradition, being the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort.

Our Mission

The Reformed Bible College provides in-depth instruction in the Bible and in the defence of the Reformed faith. Growing knowledge of the Word of God together with an understanding of how to interpret and apply it in the contemporary world will help graduates to live Biblically. Academic instruction in the Bible and in how to promote and defend it in present day spiritual and social realities will help graduates to integrate faith and life, and will train men and women to fulfill their calling in church, family and vocation.

Our Vision

In fulfilling its Mission, the Reformed Bible College offers stand-alone courses on specific Bible books, Bible themes and on promotion and defence of the Reformed faith. Courses vary in length, currently ranging from one to six 2 hour lectures.
Currently  the offerings are not fully available or regularly scheduled,. It is anticipated that in time an increasing catalogue of courses will be regularly available. Individual course completion is recognized by the issuance of a certificate. To receive a certificate students must complete the requirements set out for the course, including reading and writing assignments. Those who audit a course will receive a certificate of audit.
All courses at the Reformed Bible College will be open to everyone. They will be tailored in an academic structure in line with what can be expected at a post-secondary institution of learning. They will benefit all who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of God’s revealed Word and who desire to grow in faith and to be better equipped to fulfill their calling.