Date: Wednesday May 1, 2024 @7:30PM

Location: Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Topic: Surviving Religion 101: What do you wish you knew when you left high school?

Description: Our Christian high schools try to prepare their graduates for life after high school, whether that be post-secondary education or training for a career. But did you feel ready? Were there things that you wish your high school would have told you about or prepared you for?

Join Rev. Karlo Janssen (CCHS Bible 12 teacher), Mr. Kent Dykstra (principal at Credo Christian High School), and Mrs. Debbie Johnson (principal at Cornerstone) in an evening in which you will be encouraged to give feedback to school leaders on how they can better prepare young people for the challenges of life after high school, as you choose and train for a career and begin to participate in society. Schools want their graduates to survive not only Religion 101 but also Sports 101, English 101, Hairdressing 101, Philosophy 101, Volunteering 101, Politics 101 and whatever other 101 is out there.

Rev. Janssen will begin the evening with an introduction based on Colossians 2:6-8, before we break out for discussion. If you are in your twenties, or thereabouts, please come join us for discussion and fellowship. Refreshments will be provided.

The evening is being organized in cooperation with Roaring Twenties.