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Annual RBC Retreat

It is  exciting to begin your career training, or to enter a college or university (either for the first time or returning for further studies). There are many things to look forward to. Your horizon will broaden as you are introduced to new ideas and new areas of study. You will be meeting interesting people and developing new friendships. You will be developing further towards becoming a mature person who can function well in various areas of life.

At the same time, life in the workplace, at career training centres, and in college or university comes with a variety of challenges: academic, emotional, social, and also spiritual. The environment is not spiritually neutral. In many cases the atmosphere in the classroom is subtly or even overtly anti-Christian. It is good to reflect on questions such as: How can I remain faithful in my Christian faith? How am I supposed to position myself as a Christian believer in a secular environment?

The Annual RBC Retreat for College & Careers intends to help post-secondary students be prepared to face the challenges of life during career training, college or university and in the work place.

A retreat is a overnight event at the beautiful Deroche Christian Retreat. A variety of speakers address various topics during the course of the Retreat. Time is provided for personal and group reflection, and some fun as well. It is a time of sharing the joy of being God’s children in God’s world.

Usually information about the upcoming retreat becomes available in May.

The 2017 Retreat is planned for Friday September 15 – Saturday September 16. To register and read more information, click here.

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