Reformation Day Rally 2018 – October 31

As the world celebrates its fears, we as Reformed believers celebrate God’s grace, relearned through the rediscovery of God’s Word 500 years ago.

This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Great Synod of Dort. This synod was convened primarily to deal questions concering the implications of Belgic Confession article 16. Generally speaking there were two views, today known as Arminianism and Calvinism. The Arminian view was expressed in the Five Remonstrant Articles. the Synod of Dort responded by outlining the so-called Five Points of Calvinism in the Canons of Dort. Besides debating the Scriptural character of confessed documents, the two camps also debated the propriety of being bound to confessional statements. In many ecclesiastical regions of the practice of confessional subscription became more formalized by having ministers sign a form. Such a form for subscription is still commonly used by churches practising Dort polity. Canadian Reformed members can find the text of the forms in use in their churches in the Book of Praise, p. 661.

This Reformation Day Rev. Dr. Karlo Janssen will speak on various aspects relating to the practice of confessional subscription, especially in the Dort tradition. Matters to be considered include the Biblical background to confessional subscription, the relationship between the ordination vow and the form for subscription, some historical did-you-know matters (like some delegates to the Synod of Dort being reprimanded for confessionalism), a consideration of what the quia-quatenus debate that played a role in the Secession of 1834 was all about, and some reflections on the process of enforcing confessional subscription.

He is well positioned to do so, having researched the history of confessional subscription in the Dutch Reformed tradition for his masters degree and his doctorate. His dissertation is on confessional subscription can be accessed here.

Attendance is free. During these events a free will offering will be held to cover the costs associated with the event and further activities of the Reformed Bible College. You may also contribute to the funds of the Reformed bible College by using the Donate option on this page – doing so you will receive a tax receipt.

Location: Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Date: Wednesday October 31

Time:  8:00pm – 9:30pm-ish. Doors open by 7:45pm. Following the event there will be opportunity for fellowship with refreshments. There will be a book table.

Psalms Conference – November 22 & 29, 2018

The LORD not only spoke His Word to His people and this world, and had it recorded for us in Holy Scripture. He also inspired people to bare their souls to God and had their words recorded for us in the same Holy Scripture. Many of those divinely inspired human compositions are found in the book of Psalms. Thus the LORD gave His people songs with which to express their life experiences and the hope, the faith, and the love that resides within them. They have been sung with great joy by God’s people throughout the ages.

At the request of the Aldergrove CanRC council, the Reformed Bible College is organizing two evenings on the Psalms in November.

On Thursday evening, November 22, Rev. Peter H. Holtvlüwer will speak on the importance and relevance of the Psalms. His speech will be followed by a panel responding to questions from the audience. Taking part in the panel will be Rev. Peter Holtvlüwer, Rev. Rob Schouten, br. Kent Dykstra, and br. Frank Ezinga, with Rev. Karlo Janssen moderating.

Rev. Holtvlüwer currently serves as the minister of the Spring Creek CanRC in Ontario. He is the key person in the project “Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms”. In this project, a number of Canadian Reformed Ministers are working on producing various kinds of study and devotional materials on the Psalms. Earlier this year the devotional Christ’s Psalms Our Psalms: Daily Meditations for Individuals & Families was published.

Rev. Rob Schouten is minister of the Aldergrove CanRC. Brs. Kent Dykstra and Frank Ezinga are both church organists and pianists; br. Dykstra is also involved in an annual summer String Camp.

Location: Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Date: Wednesday Thursday, November 22

Time:  8:00pm – 9:30pm-ish. Doors open by 7:45pm. Following the event there will be opportunity for fellowship with refreshments. There will be a book table.

Recording: a video recording of the speech can found here.

The week after, on Thursday evening, November 29, sr. Alisha Boeringa of Ottawa will speak on the Genevan Melodies.

Alisha Boeringa graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelors of Music, with a focus on Vocal Performance. She specialized in Baroque and Renaissance. She currently teaches at Ambassador Christian School, privileged to serve as music teacher and as a choir director. She also has a Graduate Diploma of Professional Inquiry. She has a passion for beautiful music that praises the LORD and thus, as a member of the Ottawa-Jubilee CanRC, teaches the church on how to improve their singing of the Genevan Psalms.

Location: Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church

Date: Wednesday Thursday, November 29

Time:  8:00pm – 9:30pm-ish. Doors open by 7:45pm. Following the event there will be opportunity for fellowship with refreshments. There will be a book table.

Leadership Conferences 2019

Preparations are currently being made for two leadership conferences in the Spring of 2019

When: Friday,  : 8:00pm – 9:30pm-ish

Where: Canadian Reformed Church

Who: especially office bearers and aspiring office bearers; but all are welcome

Leadership Conferences – Recordings

Recordings of past leadership conferences

  • 2016: The Role and Operations of Synods  (by Rev. Dr. Karlo Janssen)
  • 2016: Leadership Training (by Rev. Joe Poppe)
  • 2018: Visiting (by br. Heres Snijder)
    • Handout (PDF of power point slides)
  • 2018: The Dutch churches and us (by Rev. J. Moesker). Regretably, due to circumstances beyond our control, no recording was made of this evening. A sound recording of an event at which the same presentation was held can be found here.

Come Back Day 2019

Do you wonder how your classmates are doing?  Would you like to talk about the challenges you have faced after high school? Are you wondering about your future, and your place and role in God’s unfolding world?

The Reformed Bible College, in cooperation with Credo Christian High School, and Cornerstone Christian School, has organized a “Come Back Day.”

We start with a pizza dinner where you can reconnect with former classmates and teachers. After dinner there will opportunity to discuss how high school prepared you for your life now, and how the Reformed Bible College might help you.

This invitation is open to all those who graduated from Grade 12 in the last two years.

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 1, 7:00-9:00pm

Place: Credo Christian High School

Cost: free (but please register so there will be enough pizza)

To register, click here. Note, there’s a limit of 1 ticket per registration