An Undivided Life – the Book of James

A 5 lecture course taught by the Rev. G. Zekveld


Authenticity is hip. One of the most important questions for contemporary Christians is: are you for real? The question is a valuable one, but the answers aren’t always very helpful. For some, authentic Christianity entails discarding all established Christian traditions and institutions. Others create a false dichotomy between love and duty, gospel and religion. Still others insist that authentic Christianity is about being “broken”, but offer very little in the way of biblical repentance and lasting change. Pastor James gives us the answer as he challenges us to authentic Christianity that is characterized by undivided commitment to living the Word. We are to pursue the spiritual wholeness and perfect character to which God calls us by being doers of the word and not only hearers. This little letter is packed with life-changing practical instruction that extends to all of life – from perseverance in trials to our use of money to church conflict – and continually points us back to where all biblical change originates: our hearts. The epistle of James will challenge our interpretative skills and provoke some stimulating theological discussion, but most of all it will challenge us to godly living.

The Rev. G. Zekveld currently serves as minister of the United Reformed Church in New Westminster, BC.