The Pastoral Epistles: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus

The Pastoral Epistles comprise three letters the Apostle Paul wrote to two of his fellow church-planters, the Jew Timothy and the Greek Titus. These three epistles contain much authoritative information on the running of a church. They deal with questions such as the following. Who leads the church? What are the qualifications for someone who leads the church? What are the roles of males and females in the church? What should be taught in the church; what should be rejected by the church? This 10-week series of lectures is to give insight into the importance of these three Bible books for the organization of the church throughout the ages, also today. The lectures will be topical, each lecture drawing on the three letters (and other Scriptures) with reference to a topic. Not only will these lectures seek to convey knowledge, they will also demonstrate in a practical way how the Reformed respect and read Scripture.